Marketing strategy mistakes. No one wants to make these common marketing errors, but they are more prevalent than you think. Your marketing strategy is one of the biggest aspects of your business, so it’s important to do everything right to maximize ROI. Are you making these common marketing strategy mistakes? Let’s find out. Listed below are points that every staffing firm should avoid.

Lack of Research
Before anything, you need to have a good idea of who your audience is. When it comes to your marketing strategy, it’s important you have a target audience that is relevant to your business, otherwise your promotion goes to waste. We recommend you contribute some of your marketing budget to research. This allows for your staffing firm to secure a target audience and get the best out of your marketing efforts.

Disregarding a Target Audience. Is it too broad?
What’s great about modern technology is that many tools and platforms offer targeted campaigns. This makes identifying your target audience super easy for your staffing firm marketing strategy. Social media and other tools provide insights as to what age groups, positions, geographical areas, and more that are likely to interact with your business. This also coincides with your market research. Defining your target audience through these tools and your marketing research allows you to pinpoint your target audience and make your marketing efforts worthwhile.

Not Investing
Another marketing strategy mistake that is often made is the lack of investing. If you have a marketing budget, it’s important you use that to invest in tools and paid advertisements. It always hurts to have some money leave the bank account, but trust us, this spending is worth it. The more you invest in marketing, the more people you reach and get in contact with which ultimately leading to a greater ROI.

Not Tracking Your Performance
Tracking your performance is your vital ally to success! However, if not done, it’s one of your greatest downfalls. Again, the tools, platforms, and social media insights provided today are perfect for avoiding these marketing strategy mistakes. These tools make it very easy to track down engagement and customer behavior. Being able to track this behavior comes to your advantage by seeing how your campaign is performing while also being able to talk to potential leads in real time.

Doing What Every Other Staffing Firm is Doing
Marketing provides many different trends, however, your don’t want to be a copycat. When creating your marketing strategy, evaluate what your competition is doing. Determine strengths and weaknesses in other marketing efforts and determine what works best for your staffing firm. It’s important for your staffing firm brand to stick out from the crowd and copying your competition won’t allow that to happen.

Not Aligning Your Content Marketing Strategy with your Marketing Strategy
Your content is a HUGE part of your marketing strategy. Your content should be relevant to your industry and to your target audience. If you are sharing content that no one is interested in seeing, you are doing your business a disservice. Aligning your content marketing strategy with your marketing strategy is sure to make your efforts successful.

Lack of Company Specific Keywordsmarketing strategy mistakes
SEO is a very important part of your marketing strategy, and it should not be overlooked. Most importantly, your keywords should not be overlooked. The purpose of having relevant keywords is to draw potential leads back to your website. If keywords are not implemented on your site, then you are likely not showing up in Google search results. We don’t want this. It’s considered one of the biggest marketing strategy mistakes you can make. Avoid this by creating a list of keywords relevant to your staffing firm and implementing SEO ASAP!

Trying to be Everything for Everyone
Honestly, it’s a good thought thinking you are able to be everything for everyone. But, this is simply not the case and ultimately leads to company demise. It’s important that your marketing strategy is specific, and not too broad and vague. Understanding your staffing firm’s key demographic, positions, companies, and geographical areas is important. You should be able to target these people and create business with those who really want and need it.

Everyone wants to avoid common marketing strategy mistakes. That’s why we wrote this blog! If you have any more questions about your marketing strategy, feel free to reach out! We are your vital ally in all things marketing.

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