Social media marketing not only drives a high return on investment for your business, but recent studies confirm that consumers spend 22% of their time online on social media channels. Blogging should be a crucial part of every staffing firm’s social media strategy. Blogs have a large influence on a brand’s awareness among your specific target audience as well as brand loyalty. However, simply creating a blog is not going to bring in the return on investment your company is looking for; there are specific aspects of creating a blog that increases the return on investment (ROI) for your staffing firm.

Long-Tail Keywords
An important aspect to drive your return on investment through your blog is to include regular keywords and long-tail keywords throughout your blog. Keywords are highly specific words that relate back to your staffing firm and should be interlaced throughout your blog. Long-tail keywords are phrases that consist of three or four words related to your services that someone would enter into a search engine. Including long-tail keywords is a sure way to increase your ROI through your blog.

Including Backlinks
Backlinks are links that connect two web pages together. Therefore, on your company blog you want to backlink a keyword to a page on your website that relates to that keyword. Another great way for blog to drive a return on investment is through a “Contact Us” button that backlinks to the company’s contact page, turning potential leads into hot leads. Backlinks within your staffing firm’s blog are a great aspect to remember when trying to drive ROI results.

Increases Your SEO Results
It’s important to increase your search engine optimization (SEO) ranking in order to be more likely to be found, which increases visitors to your blog and drives ROI. Google rewards companies who create new content; therefore, the more new content you create through your blog, the more it directly impacts your Google ranking. Having a high search engine ranking in turn drives your return on investment. Therefore increasing your ROI through your blog also drives SEO results.

Sharing New Content
Distributing new content from your blog across all social media profiles drives your company’s return on investment. Blogs allow companies to share new and original content with their target audience on a regular basis. Sharing original content through social media profiles not only increases your brand awareness, but increases your brand credibility. From both increasing your brand awareness and credibility by distributing new blog posts, drives your staffing firm’s return on investment.

Value Proposition
Clients and candidates won’t do business with you if they don’t see value in your services. By creating a blog, you are developing your value proposition. Blogs give companies an opportunity to explain to their target audience why they should use their staffing services. Once you establish a value proposition with your audience, you are going to be increasing your ROI through your blog.

Five Key Ways Your Blog Increases Your Return on Investment:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Long-tail keywords increase your SEO and drive a return on investment
  2. Backlinks brings your audience back through your website, increasing their chances of turning into hot leads
  3. Generating new content through your blog increases your search engine rankings
  4. Distribute the content from your blog across social media channels
  5. Blogs help to establish a value proposition for your company

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