Is your staffing firm working really hard every day, but not generating many new leads? Lead GenerationEvery successful marketing plan must include a goal for lead generation. In order to remain viable in the industry, leads are essential for retaining new clients and establishing relationships with qualified candidates. Check out the following ways to capture both direct and indirect leads with your Facebook posts.

Facebook posts containing a link to your website encourage potential clients and candidates to check out your staffing firm and provide you with an opportunity to collect their contact information. Add a call-to-action to your Facebook cover photo and offer visitors a free eBook on interview tips, an authoritative white paper detailing a specific service you provide, or a helpful ‘How To’ video on writing the perfect resume. Promotions, especially when paired with an eye-catching graphic and/or a giveaway item, entice people to click on the link and provide their name and email address in exchange for downloadable content. The direct leads generated by these giveaways become a valuable resource to your staffing firm and allow for direct marketing campaigns.

Facebook Chat Session
Hosting a Facebook chat is another way to use Facebook for lead generation. Select a conversation topic based on a particular area of expertise for your staffing firm. Bring potential candidates or clients together by hosting the chat within a post on your company page. Answer any questions submitted during the chat by sharing a link to a posted resource on your site page. Additional lead generation opportunities are created each time a chat participant links to one of your resource landing pages.

Targeted Facebook Ads
Another way to use Facebook for lead generation is to create a powerful ad or call-to-action and let Facebook send it out to a pre-selected group. After you identify your ideal audience, Facebook distributes your post to your target group. Narrowing down potential prospects by gender, location, or level of education ensures that your ad is seen by the most relevant people and increases your chances of generating leads for your company.

Increase Your Fan Base
There is a direct correlation between the number of fans on your staffing firm’s Facebook page and the number of leads generated. Your ability to spread your content to potential leads increases with each new fan or “like.” Make sure your company’s Facebook page URL is highlighted on all promotional materials and add social sharing buttons to your website and other social media platforms. Consider holding a contest to generate more traffic on your staffing firm’s Facebook page.

Promoted Posts
As long as you have at least fifty likes on your staffing firm’s Facebook page and a modest marketing budget to work with, promoted posts are a great way to use Facebook for lead generation. As part of a targeted campaign, choose one of your staffing firm’s posts to promote and Facebook takes care of the rest. Boosted messages are labeled “Sponsored” and their higher placement in the News Feed increases the chances of your audience seeing your post. Although the fee varies depending on a number of factors, you are only charged for the actual reach of your promotion. Facebook has incorporated actual reach statistics into promoted posts that allow you to see a breakdown of how many people a post reaches. Remember to track your reach figures to assess whether altering your message affects your results.

Five Ways to Use Facebook for Lead Generation:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Send out calls-to-action that encourage users to provide their email address in exchange for downloadable material
  2. Host a Facebook chat session and respond to fan questions with links to your resource landing pages
  3. Pay for targeted Facebook ads to encourage lead generation within your target population
  4. Develop strategies to increase the number of likes on your staffing firm’s Facebook page
  5. Boost your posts as part of a targeted marketing campaign

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