Qualified candidates are searching online for opportunities and you want them to check out the available consultant positions on your site. Website DevelopmentTherein lies the challenge: How do you increase traffic to your website and get people to return in the future? Check out the following suggestions and assess the steps your staffing firm must take to integrate website audience growth into your marketing plan.

Simplify Your SEO
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important ways to increase traffic to your staffing firm’s website. Incorporate industry keywords into your titles and headers to increase your chances of appearing in a Google search. In order to be deemed “SEO friendly,” your website must have a keyword rich page description, great content and off-site back links. Try to get as many reputable websites as possible to link back to your site and watch your search ranking improve. Allow potential clients to easily locate your website by registering your domain name and ensuring your website URL directly mirrors your actual business name. Enlist the services of a marketing firm to ensure that your staffing firm’s website includes all of the important SEO related components.

Create Compelling Content
As mentioned above, you must create compelling content in order to draw people to your website. Posts that contain a call-to-action and a link back to your site are great ways to increase traffic to your staffing firm’s website. Get people excited about the content you post in order to encourage them to share your content with others, thus bringing new traffic to your site. Catchy blog titles, eye-catching images and embedded videos are all great ways to draw the attention of new visitors. It’s important to remember that after they have landed on your page, the content must be relevant and exciting enough for them to want to share it with others. Remember that results are usually not immediate. Don’t get discouraged and decide to stop writing blog articles or posting new content. As with anything important, SEO takes time to develop but is well worth the effort.

Embrace Social Media
Social media platforms are perfect vehicles for attracting visitors to your website. By definition, users of social media want to interact with others and find relevant online resources. Help people discover your site by posting blog articles, repurpose articles and company announcements on networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Place website links in your posts and email messages to help drive people to your site and remember to include your staffing firm’s website link in all of your social media bios. Submit your blog articles to online blog search engines to expand your reach and be sure to contribute to industry-specific discussions when you have advice to offer.

Make Friends
Another great way to increase traffic to your staffing firm’s website is to form mutually beneficial relationships with influencers in your industry. Share their posts and content with your Twitter and Facebook audiences. Produce your own great content and influencers are going to take notice and return the favor by sharing your posts. Identify key terms that you are targeting and ask clients, vendors, alumni contacts, and other reputable sources to embed hyperlinked keywords on their sites. Your website audience grows each time a user clicks on one of these links and is brought to your website landing page.

Now that you have all of these new visitors to your staffing firm’s website, make sure to use a tool such as Google Analytics to track visitors from search engines, social platforms, direct visits and referring sites thru link backs. These statistics help to measure conversions and review your online campaigns. Search engine rank increases as your bounce rate decreases, so keep an eye on your website’s bounce rate and adjust factors such as site layout and navigation as needed. Use the analytical data to track which social channels drive the most traffic to your site and to assess the effectiveness of different types of calls to action.

Five Ways to Increase Traffic on Your Website:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Assess various SEO factors on your website and make changes as needed
  2. Content counts, so generate increase traffic on your site by posting interesting content
  3. Social media platforms provide great opportunities for driving visitors to your website
  4. Form relationships with industry influencers to encourage mutual sharing of content
  5. Track your visitor statistics to determine where to focus your marketing efforts

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