Many businesses have created a company blog to enhance their social media efforts as well as search engine optimization results; however, not many businesses know how much a blog can improve your lead generation efforts. Through each blog post, businesses can generate qualified leads that will in turn increase ROI. Here are five ways to increase lead generation through your blog:

Link Back to your Website
The purpose behind your blog always comes back to driving traffic to your company’s website to then increase ROI and SEO. A key factor in making this happen is by adding keywords into each blog post then linking those keywords back to your website, directing your readers back to your website to learn more about your product or service. By creating linked keywords you have not only driven traffic back to your website, but you have also just generated leads.

Be Consistent
When it comes time to writing a blog, you must be consistent. Once you lose the consistency, your target audience will begin to lose interest and you will no longer have any potential leads. However, by creating a blog post each week and staying consistent you are becoming a reliable and dependable source for your target audience. This will increase your chances of your blog being seen while increasing your lead generation results.

Provide Answers to the Questions and Concerns of your Target Audience
Writing about new products or services and how great your product or service is may be entertaining for you, but it’s not valuable information for your target audience. When writing each blog, you want to provide your target audience with an answer to the question, “Why should you choose our product or service?” By addressing questions and concerns of your target audience, you are developing a trusting relationship that will lead to establishing leads.

Social Sharing
Along with a call to action button, provide readers with social sharing buttons for each blog post. This will encourage readers to share your content through Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn (or hopefully all three), which allows your content to be reached through various networks. Social sharing is a quick way to improve your lead generation results.

Call to Action
In addition to providing links throughout the post, remember there is still plenty of real estate around your blog. Once your reader has gotten through your blog post, provide them with a hint on what to do next by creating a call to action button. For example, S.J.Hemley Marketing provides you with a “Contact Us” button on every blog article, giving you an opportunity to contact us if you would like to know more about what we do. Having a call to action button on your post will turn leads into hot leads.

Five Key Lead Generation Takeaways:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Provide linked keywords throughout your blog, that direct readers back to another page in your website to generate leads
  2. Write weekly blog posts to establish dependability among your readers, increasing your lead generation results
  3. Write each blog with your target audience in mind to establish trust, turning potential leads into hot leads
  4. Create social sharing buttons hinting at the reader to share your blog post with their network to increase the number of potential leads
  5. Provide a strong call to action, to turn potential leads into hot leads.

About S.J.Hemley Marketing
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