LinkedIn is the largest professional networking site with over 200 million users and over 2 million companies. It is essential for every company to be utilizing LinkedIn as a part of their social media strategy to connect with industry leaders, find potential candidates and clients, and to add credibility to their company. By making sure you’re company LinkedIn page contains these 5 key elements it allows you to also get the most out of this professional networking tool.

Basic Essentials
Your company LinkedIn page should have all the necessities in order to get the most out of your page. Ensure that you have included an “About” section, the year your company was founded, and company size. Create a cover photo and company logo on your company page as an extension to your brand image, while staying consistent with your company website and other social media outlets.

Products and Services
LinkedIn gives each company an opportunity to showcase their products or services. The first part about your company that candidates or potential clients want to see is what services it provides for its clients. As part of your social media strategy, keep products and services updated and be sure to highlight any new products to enhance your LinkedIn company page.

Calls to Action
Your company LinkedIn page is another social media tool that is used to draw a target audience back to your business’ website generating leads. Just as you would for email campaigns, remember to provide calls to action and contact information. LinkedIn is a professional networking social media tool that will bring in new connections and industry news, but in the end, you want to generate leads to build ROI.

LinkedIn Ads
Create LinkedIn ads that are targeted to your brand’s audience. LinkedIn ads are a self-service advertising solution, allowing your company to specify which LinkedIn members you want to target. The cost behind each ad is controlled by pay-per-click and based on a budget that you set. LinkedIn ads are essential to your social media strategy, as they are a great way to reach your company’s specific target audience to generate leads.

LinkedIn is a great outlet to distribute industry news on updates about what’s happening at your company. However, LinkedIn is a creditable source that should be used to distribute your company blog across industry group and discussions. Remember, you always want to build ROI to establish company credibility.

Five Key Takeaways:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Use your company LinkedIn page to distribute company updates, industry news and more importantly, company blogs to build brand credibility
  2. Keep your company’s products and services updated and fill out a detailed description so potential clients know exactly what your company has to offer
  3. LinkedIn is a tool used to reach out to potential leads, so provide those potential leads with a direction by creating calls to action
  4. Your company profile should have all basic information about the company filled out, along with images that capture your brand image
  5. Create LinkedIn pages that are highly targeted to your audience in order to gain leads and build ROI

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