When creating any social media profile for your business, you don’t want to just be posting content and hoping your target audience sees it, but rather building a social media strategy that will yield results from your social media efforts. From LinkedIn to Facebook, you need to create a social media strategy tailored for that social media platform you are joining.

After building your marketing strategy, you have developed a clear definition of your company’s goals and objectives. Now, you want those goals and objectives to project clearly through your social media profiles. Here are 5 ways to build a sound business-to-business Facebook strategy:

Post Valuable Content Consistently
Always post content that is valuable to your reader/target audience. Social media is a way to have open communication so when you post content, remember that you are posting for engagement. You want people to share your post, comment on it, “like” it. Post content that is appropriate for your business and the industry you’re in. Joining the social media conversation shows that you are involved and on top of the new happenings within your industry. When posting valuable content, you want to make sure your posts are consistent, Social media is about interest and engagement. Your readers/target audience adds and drops the non-relevant. Even if your posting the most helpful content, but you only do it once a month, then there is a likelihood that you still won’t be seen.

Know What Facebook Has to Offer
More times than not, companies have a Facebook profile and post content once in a while to their timeline, thinking that all they need to do is have an account. This is the wrong approach to all social media. Facebook has many layers to it that should be used as helpful tools to yield tangible results for your business. There are many features that need be utilized in order to enhance your business’s brand such as, highlighting certain important posts, uploading photos, sharing posts, and adding your company’s mission statement and contact information in the “About” section.

Create “Like” Campaigns
As part of your Facebook strategy, you need to create campaigns to increase your audience. You don’t want random people to “like” your page for the sake of it, but rather people who could be potential clients. Generating an audience is an important way to develop credibility for your business as well as driving a target audience back to your website. Building a focused, targeted network helps to grow your business in the long run.

Project Your Brand through Design
When creating a Facebook page for your business, Facebook has essentially given you plenty of real-estate to display your company’s message. Your cover photo acts almost like a billboard for your company so it’s a great place to express who your company is in a clear but creative way. You can also custom your tabs that are displayed at the top of your page. This way, you control what aspects of your profile and of your company you want people to go to first. Designing your Facebook page is a great way to clearly state your brand and reflect on your primary objectives as a company.

Analyze Your Facebook Data
As an administrator for your Facebook page, you have access to graphs and statistics that are used as a helpful tool to track your progress and growth on Facebook. Part of your Facebook strategy should be to analyze the data that Facebook provides for you in order to make this tool useful for your business. There are graphs that provide an overview of how your page is doing by the number of clicks, likes, reach, and how many people are talking about your company’s page day-to-day.S.J.Hemley Marketing

Five Key Social Media Takeaways:

  1. Utilize the different tools Facebook has to offer in order to enhance your audience engagement
  2. Your page should be well designed to reflect your company’s primary goals and objectives
  3. Always think of what the audience is going to take away from the content you’re providing and post on a consistent basis or else people will stop reading
  4. Develop campaigns to drive more traffic to your page and increase your network
  5. Keep track of your growth and progress

About S.J.Hemley Marketing
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