Clients rely on your staffing firm to secure qualified candidates for their companies. branding strategyCandidates expect you to find perfect positions that utilize their skills and fit into their career goals. In order to ensure your staffing firm remains a viable organization, you must satisfy all of these needs while still remaining focused on future growth opportunities. Growth requires a strong brand and a solid reputation within the staffing industry. Superior customer service is the key to growth, while poor customer service results in upset clients and missed opportunities. Take the time now to evaluate your organization and create brand ambassadors for your staffing firm.

Thorough training is an essential part of any staffing firm’s orientation process. Make sure your recruiters and sales professionals have all of the information they need in order to be successful and to deliver great customer service. Ongoing in-service training is also needed to address any changes to your staffing firm’s branding message, discuss new promotions or marketing efforts, become familiar with new technology, or familiarize themselves with the latest industry trends. A strong, reliable team translates into a confident group of brand ambassadors who are unified in their efforts and are working together to ensure the success of your staffing firm.

Team Building
As any good recruiter knows, hiring great people is only part of the challenge. Ensuring that everyone works effectively with one another is essential to the overall success of an organization. Promote communication and interaction within your staffing firm by hosting team-building events. Recognize those individuals who are going above and beyond to promote your brand and encourage your team to become strong brand ambassadors for your staffing firm by creating an employee recognition program. Meet with your team regularly to make sure everyone is on board with the established goals for your staffing firm and ask them for suggestions on how to improve client relationships.

Communication and Differentiation
Strong communication skills are essential to building long-term relationships with candidates and clients. Figure out what sets you apart from other staffing firms and market those differences. Does your team know the medical industry inside and out? Are you experienced with technology positions and knowledgeable in all things high-tech? Make sure your team is communicating these strengths to clients and candidates as a way to position your agency above other generalized staffing firms. Discuss ways to add value to the experience you offer and be willing to adapt, as your client’s needs change. Ensure your team exemplifies your brand in their interactions with clients and candidates, not reads a branding message from a prepared script. They must completely understand your staffing firm’s goals and branding message so they are prepared to address any issues that may arise during their daily conversations.

Pay Attention to Current Service Trends
It is important to monitor current industry trends and ensure your staffing firm is prepared to deliver the services that clients and candidates have come to expect. Consider creating specialized mobile apps to address today’s increased prevalence of mobile technology. Establish your company on social media platforms to monitor feedback on your services and encourage interaction with potential clients and candidates. Remember that ultimately the success of your staffing firm relies on great customer service so be careful to create a balance between technology and human interaction. The best brand ambassadors for your staffing firm are those who are confident in their abilities and in the ability of their firm to deliver exceptional service.

Solicit Feedback from Clients
Great customer service requires constant work, so don’t get complacent and think that your current clients are happy simply because they continue to do business with you. Take the time to ask clients what they value about your staffing firm and whether they have any particular concerns with individual staff members or your firm’s services. Make sure you completely understand each client’s goals and find out what you could do to improve your service delivery and relationship with that client. Remember to monitor staffing usage patterns for each of your clients. If you notice a significant decrease in their business, address the situation and intervene if it looks like they may be unsatisfied with the services you are providing.

Creating Brand Ambassadors Takeaways:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Establish training guidelines to ensure that your team is communicating a unified message
  2. Create brand ambassadors by building confidence in your team and your staffing services
  3. Ensure that your staffing firm is effectively communicating the things that distinguish you in the industry
  4. Monitor current trends and adapt your practices to deliver industry standards
  5. Survey your clients for feedback on your services and address any areas they identify as needing improvement

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