In our digital era, by now you know the importance and power of having an effective marketing strategy for your staffing firm. But are you equipped with the know-how to make this vision a reality? We’re here to provide you with five ways to create a standout staffing firm marketing strategy that is sure to drive the business results you’re looking for.

Build Relationships
As a staffing firm, you know fostering relationships means everything to your business. While we’re always looking ahead to find that next great person/relationship/opportunity, don’t forget to look around at the ones you already have – and don’t be afraid to dig deep in the weeds and reach out to past clients/candidates as well! Networking and fostering these relationships you’ve created is essential to your business’s growth, so make sure to always take the time to stay connected. You never know what opportunities can arise!

staffing firm marketing strategy

Segment Your Market
We all want to be Superman to everyone, but it’s just not realistic. An effective staffing firm market strategy is one that hones in on a specific audience on both the candidate and client side. Having this defined audience helps you make better marketing decisions that drive more results, as you are able to tailor your approach towards the wants and needs of this specified group.

Be a Resource
You want to be recognized as an industry leader. Make yourself the go-to resource that employers and candidates have to turn to for staffing insights and when they are in need of your services. The goal is to provide such valuable information and solutions for them that they wouldn’t dream of turning to anyone else.

Consistency is Key
Whether this is how often you are posting on your social channels, your colors and logo, or the look and feel of your website – consistency is key! Make sure you create a consistent posting schedule for your blogs and repurposed content every single month – this way, your audience knows what to expect from you and when. Additionally, creating a seamless look and feel across your website and channels establishes a unified brand in the minds of candidates and clients and makes you easily recognizable.

A key component to your staffing firm marketing strategy is your diversification – don’t focus all your efforts in one area! You want to ensure you are creating a well-rounded marketing plan, meaning you want to include:

  • Social posts
  • Blogs
  • Webinars
  • Panel events
  • Lead generation campaigns
  • Email campaigns
  • Effective web design/responsiveness

Creating this type of marketing strategy allows clients and candidates to acquire information from you from a variety of areas.

Don’t Forget Your SEO
While it can be daunting, SEO is an essential component to your staffing firm marketing strategy, as it is one of the most likely ways for candidates and/or clients to find you. Following SEO best practices on your website helps you show up on Google searches – the better your SEO is, the higher you rank. Make sure you are:

  • Utilizing relevant keywords across your site and blog
  • Checking your site speed
  • Ensuring there are no missing ALT tags
  • Checking for broken links
  • Deleting any duplicated content
  • …and more!

If you’re looking for more help in this area, check out our SEO strategy mistakes

By utilizing these six tips, you are sure to grow your industry leadership and create an effective digital presence for your staffing firm. Do you have questions about other marketing best practices? Reach out to us and we’d love to chat!

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