Staffing firms are looking to attract new candidates and clients, and your company’s website is a great vehicle for accomplishing that goal. mobilemarketingThere are many effective ways to increase traffic to your website, and maintaining a blog is one of the best ways to encourage people to visit your site. Once visitors have landed on your website, it’s important to collect the right information so your recruiters and sales people are able to identify and contact qualified leads.

Efficient Website
In order to convert website traffic into ROI, you must ensure your site is easy to navigate and optimized so visitors are encouraged to stay and learn more about your staffing firm. A visitor who links to your site’s landing page and encounters slow loading speeds is most likely not going to wait around for your content to appear. Page abandonment rates increase when the page loading time is excessive. Not only does this increase your site’s bounce rate (and ultimately lowers your SEO), but it frustrates the visitor and they leave your site before you have the opportunity to collect their contact information. Utilize tools such as Google PageSpeed to determine the best ways to increase your website speed and decrease your page load times.

Strong Calls to Action
In order to increase your staffing firm’s website conversion rate, you must figure out the best way to attract the attention of your target audience. Do you have an insightful eBook that visitors would be interested in downloading? Do you offer to include visitors on a mailing list for your company newsletter? Perhaps you are planning an upcoming webinar or hosting a networking event. These are all examples of strong calls to action that are designed to entice visitors into sharing their information in exchange for something they perceive as valuable. Create unique landing pages for each offer that are designed to appeal to different groups.

Promote Your Accomplishments
Visitors to your site want to know they have found a successful staffing firm that is capable of locating the ideal candidate or consulting position. Promote your accomplishments by posting testimonials written by current and former clients. Ensure that the statements are authentic and tell compelling stories. Feature client logos with the testimonials to allow for easy brand recognition. Include testimonials throughout your website, especially on landing pages, to draw the attention of your website visitors. Don’t forget to toot your own horn; highlight any industry awards you have received and be sure to include press articles that feature your staffing firm.

Gated Case Studies
Case studies are incredibly important tools for showcasing your past successes and allowing visitors to see how you thoughtfully solved problems for other clients. It is important however, that you not make the case studies readily available straight from your site. Allow the reader to view part of the case study; after a brief introduction, prompt the visitor to enter his/her information in exchange for the remainder of the case study. Make sure your content is valuable enough that the reader feels justified in exchanging their contact information. The names and email addresses collected in this manner provide your sales people and recruiters with valuable leads.

Lead Nurturing
Once a visitor has completed the form on one of your landing pages, the information is now a solid lead to be pursued. If there is not an official protocol for marketing your staffing firm, you must establish a series of steps to move the lead down the sales funnel. A relationship must be built up with the potential client or candidate to establish a mutual level of trust. Connecting on social media platforms, offering to provide a free initial consultation, and email or phone communications from a sales person or recruiter are all great ways to convert website traffic into ROI for your staffing firm. All efforts must be made to reach out to potential leads in a timely manner. Don’t let those valuable leads slip away!

Five Ways to Convert Website Traffic into ROI:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Ensure your website is efficient and all load times are minimized
  2. Create valuable content that motivates visitors to leave their contact information
  3. Make visitors feel comfortable with your staffing firm and confident in your abilities
  4. Don’t give away your valuable case studies without collecting visitor contact information
  5. Promptly follow-up on all leads to turn those visitors into ROI for your staffing firm

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