Social media is one of the best ways to boost your search engine optimization results (SEO) and drive potential leads. Developing a sound social media strategy to increase your SEO results consists of posting valuable content consistently, creating vanity URLs for each social media profile, including inbound links, complete backend information on each profile, and remembering long-tail keywords.

Post Original Content Consistently
By actively posting valuable, keyword loaded content search engines are more likely to pick it up and give you a good ranking on search engine results. If you are not posting content at least a few times a week and content that is helpful for your target audience, then your audience is losing interest. Remember to post content that is valuable to your audience or else you are not generate potential leads, no matter how many times you post in a day or throughout a week.

Create Vanity URLs
On each social media platform, businesses are able to create vanity URLs, which means allowing their company name to be part of the URL. For example, when marketing for staffing firms, S.J.Hemley Marketing’s Facebook page URL reads This allows you to easily optimize your social media profiles for organic searches. If possible, try to keep each vanity URL as similar as possible to remain consistent throughout your various web pages.

Generate Inbound Links
Building inbound links allows your content to be easily shared and spread across various platforms. Create links to all your social media platforms on your website and through your company blog, add inbound links to connect the reader back to your website.

Fill Out Backend Information
A common mistake seen on social media business pages is missing information in the “About” section. Believe it or not, the backend information is just as important as the content you are distributing. The more relevant information and details you can provide on your business the better in order to generate SEO through your social media profiles. For example, on S.J.Hemley Marketing’s “about” sections, we wanted to include more than just saying we’re a marketing for staffing firm. Remember to fill out as much information on your company as possible and keep it updated and consistent through the different social media profiles

Remember Long-Tail Keywords
Long-tail keywords are phrases that consist of three to five words that people are likely to type into a Google search. For example, “marketing” is a keyword, as S.J.Hemley Marketing is marketing for staffing firm, but has a competitive ranking. Comparatively, “how to create a successful marketing strategy” is a long-tail keyword, with less competition and is an easier way to optimize your page. Using long-tail keywords within the content you distribute through social media is a great way to boost your SEO rankings

Five Key Takeaways:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Create original content that is valuable to your target audience, and then distribute the content on a consistent basis.
  2. Create vanity URLs to allow your company to be easily searchable through search engines
  3. Generate inbound links that guide clients to other platforms in order to increase your SEO results
  4. Remember to fill out the “About Us” section of each social media profile
  5. Use long-tail keywords in order to increase your SEO rankings

About S.J.Hemley Marketing
S.J.Hemley Marketing is a marketing and sales consulting firm focused on driving tangible results for professional services firms. Brand matters, but not without ROI. With over 20 years of sales and marketing experience within staffing and recruiting, we have helped to drive successful branding, sales training, lead generation activities as well as defining marketing strategy for top organizations.