Why does the average company need strong search engine optimization (SEO)? How will SEO produce any revenue generating activity? Increasing your business’ search engine optimization results is key to generating leads and in turn, increasing your return on investment. Boosting your SEO results requires market research and analysis, but overall very little time and very little money. Listed below are five ways to quickly and effectively increase your company’s SEO results.

Create a Blog
Blogs are great for projecting your company’s credibility, providing useful quality content for your target audience and are great tools to increase your search engine optimization results. Because blog articles are tightly focused, the articles contain a multitude of topic specific keywords. By inserting keywords and adding backlinks into each blog, traffic will be generated back to your website, generating leads and improving your SEO results.

Keyword Loading
Which searched keywords will lead your target audience to your website? Knowing which keywords will be searched and linked back to your company’s website is essential to increasing your SEO. Determine your keywords through market research and analysis. Once you have established a short list of keywords that are appropriate to your company, then you need to begin loading those keywords into every new piece of content you create. This will allow the Internet spiders to pick up on your material and optimize your search engine results. This article has keywords for search engine optimization, SEO as well as market research and analysis and has been keyword loaded.

Be a Part of the Social Conversation
Why do most businesses have social media profiles/pages? Social media pages are a great opportunity to expand your audience and acquire hot leads, but it is also a perfect opportunity to increase your SEO results. The more platforms you have to broadcast content, the more you will increase your online presence. Remember to enhance your social media content by using keywords to insure an increase in your search engine optimization results.

Social Media Campaigns
As stated above, projecting content through social media platforms is a great way to improve your SEO results. However, it is equally important to develop a large audience who will repurpose your content and go to your website. Through thorough market research, create social media campaigns to generate more traffic and a wider audience. Increasing your social media presence will increase your search engine results.

Know your Website’s Analytics
A simple and fast way to track your SEO is through analytic programs like Google Analytics. By conducing market research and analysis on your website you can see your keyword rankings and performances, organic search traffic, and unique search terms that are driving traffic. These are all various ways to improve your search engine optimization results.

Five Key Takeaways to Increase your SEO Results:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. By creating a company blog, you are generating more content and more keywords that will boost your SEO rankings
  2. Through market research and analysis, know which keywords will draw a target audience to your website and load those keywords into your content
  3. Be active on social media by commenting on posts, repurposing content, and joining discussions to increase your online visibility and in turn increasing your SEO
  4. Creating social media campaigns is an effective way to expand your social audience, boosting your rankings on search engines
  5. Set up analytic programs for your website to monitor which keywords are working, how people are getting to your website in order to see what is working and what isn’t to increase your SEO.

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