Marketing is the key to achieving customer interest, earning customer satisfaction and loyalty, and attaining a return on investment.Marketing Strategy However, many business owners tend to put marketing on the back burner or believe that they understand how to truly market effectively. Here are five real truths about marketing that every staffing firm CEO needs to know in order to effectively market their business.

Everyone thinks they can Do It
Sure, it’s easy to understand the basics of marketing; therefore, many staffing firms don’t have a designated marketing team. One of the truths about marketing is that not everyone can do marketing without understanding how to establish a sound marketing strategy and then executing it. Often times, staffing firms are able to fake marketing more convincingly than in other departments, but the truth is, not everyone is able to effectively market their business.

You Don’t Need a Big Budget to be Effective
By creating a sound marketing strategy, often times it doesn’t take a large marketing budget to effectively execute that strategy. With the right tools and a strong marketing team, your staffing firm is able to build a sound marketing strategy on a smaller budget.

Social Media is an Important Part of Marketing
Creating a sound social media strategy is another one of the important truths about marketing. Many staffing firms underestimate the importance of social media and what it is able to do for their business. Create social media profiles in order to build relationships and interact directly with your target audience.

Marketing is About Understanding People and Best Practices
Marketing is about determining what consumers want and need, typically before they know it themselves. Many businesses forget that they need to understand their target audience in order to effectively market to them. Without knowing your target audience inside and out, you are not going to be able to effectively generate leads and a return on investment. Once you know what they need, you turn to the best practices of building solid and focused messaging. Create direct marketing efforts that share your understanding of what they need and then execute.

Brand Matters but Not Without SEO
Many staffing firms focus more on their brand image than carrying out a sound marketing strategy mainly because they do not know how to use lead generation efforts. Establishing a credible brand image is key to every marketing strategy, however the brand doesn’t matter without search engine optimization (SEO). Without SEO rankings, your company is not going to get the traffic and return on investment that it deserves. Another one of the essential truths about marketing is to utilize all your efforts from branding to lead generation to drive your SEO results.

Five Key Truths about Marketing:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Not everyone is able to properly execute effective marketing for their business
  2. Big budgets are not always necessary to effectively market your business
  3. Every staffing firm should be on social media to interact with their target audience, build more of an audience and increase their SEO results
  4. Knowing your target audience inside and out is an important aspect to effective marketing
  5. Your brand matters, but without search engine optimization, your brand doesn’t exist

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