Your staffing firm is focused on finding potential candidates to fill the empty seats in your clients’ offices, but who is thinking about the future of your staffing firm?Marketing Plan Marketing outreach services are essential to ensure that your staffing firm attracts new clients and gains the respect and trust of qualified candidates. Many staffing firms are hesitant to hire a marketing firm due to tight budgets and instead opt to handle marketing in-house. In many cases, this proves to be a very short-sighted and costly approach. Marketing firms have industry-specific insight that your staffing firm desperately needs, but finding the right firm is crucial. Here are some of the most important features of a great marketing firm.

Industry Expertise
Staffing companies want to work with a marketing firm that is experienced and reputable. Marketing professionals who have experience in the industry are able to speak to current staffing trends, assess the needs of your staffing firm, and work with you to set goals for the future. Great marketing firms listen to their clients, understand their problems and create a strategy to solve those problems. Each company’s definition of success varies; therefore understanding your company’s specific needs is the number one priority. A marketing firm must be willing to share their industry expertise and give sound advice to their clients.

Full Service
Marketing is more than pretty pictures and cool websites. A well-rounded marketing campaign sets specific goals and utilizes various methods to achieve those goals. One sign of a great marketing firm is their ability to provide all of the necessary marketing services for a successful campaign outcome. Marketing and sales strategy, branding (logo creation, website design, social media campaigns), lead generation, and market research and analysis are all required services for any great marketing firm. While many services are provided in-house, an experienced marketing professional is prepared for all potential campaign needs.

Focused on Strategy
The marketing industry is constantly evolving and one sign of a great marketing firm is their ability to adapt marketing campaigns accordingly. The best marketing agencies stay up-to-date on both the staffing industry and the marketing industry, while keeping your campaign strategy in focus. Building a targeted marketing approach requires open discussion about your business goals, current market research, selection of suitable marketing tactics, and identification of possible opportunities.

Results Oriented
Reliable marketing firms produce case studies and generate campaign tracking data to demonstrate successful outcomes. The best case studies not only include examples of inbound marketing successes; they also highlight very specific goal-oriented outcomes such as showcasing industry-specific knowledge, or an ability to solve a particular problem like low lead volume. Tangible results show staffing firms that the marketing agency is accomplished in the industry and able to successfully achieve campaign goals.

One of the most important signs of a great marketing firm is the ability to create lead generation campaigns that drive your ROI. Staffing firms want to attract new clients and qualified candidates, so one crucial task for a marketing agency is to develop a process for collecting leads through form fills, email campaigns, and website tracking procedures. Timely follow-up is essential to ensure that the staffing firm is able to capitalize on the generated leads. The best marketing agencies are focused on the success of your staffing firm and are prepared to pull out all the stops to achieve your marketing campaign goals.

Five Signs of Great Marketing Firm:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Industry expertise is an absolute necessity for a successful marketing firm
  2. Marketing firms must be able to offer all required services to their clients
  3. Strong marketing firms develop strategy-based marketing plans
  4. Results matter in the marketing industry
  5. The ability to generate leads is essential to marketing efforts in the staffing industry

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