Sooner or later, most businesses need to rebrand their company in order to project their current brand image.Rebrand Your Staffing Firm Apple has rebranded three times, Starbucks has four times and Pepsi has done it 11 times. Every company needs to take time to evaluate their brand and start to wonder if their current branding is doing more harm than good for their business. Here are 5 signs that it may be time to rebrand your staffing firm.

Your Logo No Longer Represents the Image You Want to Portray
When you started your staffing firm 10 years ago, you created a logo out of budget necessity and it served its needs; however, does it still portray the company you are today? It’s easy to stay connected with your original logo because it represents the accomplishment behind your company. Take a look at where your company was when you first created the logo and where you are today – you may realize that it no longer represents who you are today.

Your Brand Doesn’t Appeal to Your Current Target Audience
Does your brand image speak to your target audience? If your firm is no longer attracting the audience you want to be attracting, it may be time to rebrand your staffing firm. If your target audience is IT professionals, then your brand should be created to appeal to IT professionals. Conduct surveys in order to evaluate and help identify your current target audience in order to be able to brand effectively.

If you have expanded your products or services, then your overall brand image needs to shift in order to reflect who you are and what you have to offer. Businesses are constantly evolving and improving which means that you may be outgrowing your original brand. Your products and services ultimately make up who you are as a company and this needs to be reflected through your brand image.

Does your logo stand out from other industry leaders? If your company name or logo is too common or similar to others in your field, then it’s time to rebrand your staffing firm in order to stand out. Find what makes your company unique and different from others, then make sure that it is reflected through your brand image.

Is Your Brand Ready for the Future?
Have you taken into consideration where you see your company in the future? If your brand image works currently does that mean that if the industry shifts and your company expands, it is going to still fit in? It’s important to make sure that you create a timeless brand image for your company in order to ensure that your overall brand image still works as your company grows and develops.

Five Key Signs that It’s Time to Rebrand Your Staffing Firm:Rebrand Your Staffing Firm

  1. Your logo no longer represents the company you are today
  2. Your brand isn’t attracting the target audience you are seeking
  3. You have outgrown your brand image
  4. Your company no longer stands out in the market
  5. Your brand image won’t be able to take you into the future

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