As a staffing firm, you know the importance of knowing what current clients and prospects want and look for, but you may not always know how to get those answers so easily. Where do you turn? The best answer – go right to the source! There is no better way to get the information you’re looking for than by conducting some form of market research. We know you’ve heard of the importance of this before, but we’re here to provide you with five out of the box ideas to conduct staffing firm market research.

staffing firm market research

Site surveys
What’s a site survey you ask? These types of surveys prompt users that land on your site and ask simple questions like their reasoning for coming to your site, how they found your company, or what they like/dislike about your services. These may be yes/no questions or more of an open-form response. There are various software’s that are useful in placing these types of surveys on your site so you get instant feedback!

Analyze Your Competition
While this may already be a part of your marketing strategy, conducting a competitive analysis is another avenue in staffing firm market research. Check out your competition’s social posts, blogs, website, see if they’re hosting any events, etc.! What can you offer that your competition isn’t? What are your strengths and what might you need to improve upon? Looking at what your competition is doing to market for themselves gives you a solid understanding of how you stack up and how to differentiate yourself.

Check Your Sent Folder
Either you or your sales team are likely answering questions from current or prospective clients pretty frequently. Taking a look at your most commonly asked questions gives you a sense of what these clients/prospects are looking for and how they are looking to you to help them. Additionally, this helps you market your services to prospects who you are not currently working with yet, as you gain a better understanding of their wants and needs.

Find Trending Hashtags
What hashtags do you normally use on your social channels? Take a look at both your normal go-to hashtags and those that are trending that relate to your niche to see what people are talking about. This helps you not only join in on the conversation but also stay up to date with the latest news, updates, etc. so you then are able to understand how you may need to tweak your approach when conversing with clients/prospects.

Ask Questions
You’ll never know the answer if you don’t ask! Questions are a great way to get people engaged with your company, while also providing you with valuable insight. Pose questions on your blogs, social media posts, and even emails! This not only helps you build a connection and relationship with clients or prospects, but also helps you gear your services towards what is really needed.

While staffing firm market research may sound like a difficult feat, using these simple tips helps you understand your clients and prospects in a more meaningful way. Do you have questions about other market research best practices? Reach out to us and we’d love to chat!

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