Is your company on social media just for the sake of having social media accounts? Do you even know if your company has social media profiles? These are two signs that your company is making huge mistakes on social media. Social media is a powerful marketing tool when used consistently and correctly and with a social media strategy. Take a look at these five common mistakes that your business may be making on social media to ensure you’re getting the most out of this great marketing medium.

Not Making a Strategy
Were your social media profiles made for the sake of having them? Did you take the time to build a sound social media strategy before diving into making profiles? Maintaining social media accounts takes time and time is money. To not waste anyone’s time or money, create a social media strategy before setting up any profiles. Think about what your goals are in having these social media profiles, what do you want to achieve and how are you planning on getting there?

Know What to Get Involved In
Not every social media platform is necessary or appropriate for every business. Conduct research beforehand to determine which social media platform is a better fit for your company and industry. Which social media sites are most of your competitors on? Consider this a good place to start and get familiar with social media before diving in too soon.

No Consistency
Are you posting new content every few weeks? Not being consistent will cause your audience to become disinterested. Social media accounts that aren’t used consistently are worse than not having a social media account to begin with – so, when planning out your social media strategy, if you don’t think you have enough content to share at least once a week, then now isn’t the right time for you to be on social media.

Not Monitoring your ROI
As mentioned before, social media can be a powerful marketing tool if used thoroughly. Therefore, social media is no exception when it comes time to conducting market research and analysis. Analyze your social analytics to see what is working and what isn’t. Which post is getting more hits to generate leads and a return on investment? Most social media sites have analytics already set up as well as sections to explain how to read the data. Take a few minutes to check in with your social media profiles every few days to analyze the data.

Too Much Self-Promoting
Are you posting valuable content, but that’s the most you do on social media? Posting valuable content is key, however being active and being part of the social conversation is just as important. The great aspect about social media is it opened up a dialog between business-to-business, businesses-to-consumers, and consumers-to-consumers. This is the perfect forum to hear your consumer’s feedback, questions and concerns as well as hearing what’s happening in your industry. Why not take a moment to listen and be engaging? Not engaging with users will cause your profile(s) to eventually fall flat. No one likes someone who only talks about themselves so don’t hold back from commenting or posting prompting questions.

Five Key Takeaways from Mistakes Companies Often Make on Social Media:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Set up goals and reasons to back up why you are or want to be on social media
  2. Know which social media platforms will work for your business by looking to see where your competitors are
  3. Be consistent by posting at least once a week; posting every so often will cause your audience to lose interest in what you have to say
  4. Always analyze the data to see what is working on social media and what isn’t
  5. Don’t talk at your audience, talk with your audience

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