Lead generation – one of, if not the most important component of your marketing strategy. However, it is not always an easy feat – especially in pandemic times. How do you do it effectively? What are some tips that are really going to drive leads for your staffing firm? We’re here to dish out five lead gen ideas that are sure to produce the results you’re searching for.

leads for your staffing firm

Social Media Campaign
The first, maybe obvious, strategic move you should consider making is launching a lead generation campaign on your social channels. Whether this is paid advertising or organic content, social media campaigns across LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter continue to prove beneficial in generating leads for staffing firms. Create some eye-catching graphics with savvy captions to drive people to the positions that you have open! Utilizing social media allows you to reach prospects that may not be actively searching for a job but are open to other opportunities. Additionally, using popular hashtags that go along with the job or tech field helps others find your posts, thus expanding your reach even further. This might look something like:

It’s time to level up your data science career! We’re looking for you to become our next senior data scientist. Check out our opportunities! #datasciencecareers #datasciencejobs #artificialintelligence

Referral Program
Another way to help drive candidate leads for your staffing firm is to create a referral program. This type of program allows people to refer a friend, family member, or anyone they know who they think would be a great fit for the position you’re trying to fill and get monetary compensation if and when their referral is hired. This provides two incentives: doing a good deed by helping out a peer, friend, or family member, and also, compensation. It’s a good idea to highlight your referral program on your website, as well as enticing prospects through your social channels and/or email.

Reach Out to Past Clients
While we always tend to focus on our current clients, don’t forget about your past clients! You’ve already established a relationship with them, and regardless of why the business partnership didn’t work out in the past, circumstances change, and they may be either looking for help now, or know people that are looking and can connect you with them. A good lesson to learn is to never burn a bridge! Every relationship you create may somehow be beneficial to you in the future, so it is always worth reaching out to see where things stand with past clients.

Reach Out to Current Clients
How about your current clients? We all talk about verticals, but have you gotten horizontal with your current clients? While you are already working with them to some capacity, create lead generation campaigns that ask them if they need help in other areas that you’d be able to assist them with. And if they don’t, ask if they know anyone who does! You want to make yourself a resource to as many people as possible, as this not only grows your reputation, but your leads for your staffing firm as well.

Talk to Family & Friends
While business relationships may be your top go-to when it comes to expanding your client base, don’t forget about your personal relationships. You might have family and friends that know people searching for the exact position you’re trying to fill! I mean, we all know someone who knows someone who knows someone, right? Make sure to talk to the people close to you and utilize this asset you already have right at your fingertips. Create lead generation campaigns to entice friends and family to be on the lookout and share new leads with you.

If you’re not using these tips yet, it’s time to spruce up your lead generation game. Do you have other questions about lead gen best practices? Reach out to us and we’d love to chat!


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