Marketing your staffing firm requires research and an understanding of your audience. Marketing and Sales StrategyYou need to put in the effort to establish goals, identify a target audience and create effective lead generation campaigns. A successful marketing strategy ties in many different efforts, but ensures they are all linked as part of a cohesive plan. Check out the following essential elements of a successful marketing strategy.

Brand Ambassadors
The success of your staffing firm depends on how satisfied your clients are and the integrity of the sales team and recruiters you hire. Do you communicate to your entire team the importance of carrying your firm’s brand message to every client and candidate? Do you confirm that your clients and candidates understand the message you are trying to get across? By placing qualified, intelligent candidates in available positions, your clients are going to want to continue doing business with your staffing firm. Strong, reliable recruiters and sales team members who communicate your staffing firm’s message in all of their interactions are also great forms of marketing for your staffing firm. When your team has bought into the branding message for your organization, they are able to deliver quality service to your clients and prospective candidates. Don’t forget to treat your team well; remember to create a great employee recognition program for your staffing firm.

Mobility is Essential
We have become a mobile society. Professionals today review emails, get their news and even do their work on mobile devices. A great mobile strategy is an essential part of a successful marketing plan for your staffing firm. Make sure to optimize your website in order for it to display properly on a mobile device. Sending out an email message as part of a campaign? Don’t risk turning off potential clients and candidates with messages that do not read easily on their phones and tablets. Here are some suggestions to make your email marketing message mobile friendly.

Social Media
The marketing plan for your staffing agency must also include a strong social media component. Create complete profiles that convey your branding message on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn to ensure your staffing firm is represented online and don’t forget to link back to your company’s website. Mobile apps allow professionals to easily access your social media accounts so be sure that you are actively posting to social media and promptly responding to any negative information that may be posted regarding your staffing firm. Follow this link for additional tips on the do’s and don’ts of using social media for your staffing firm.

Prompt Lead Follow-up
Assuming your brand ambassadors are doing their job and the social media and mobile campaigns are reaching your ideal target audience, potential clients and candidates are going to express interest in your staffing firm. The first step in any staffing firm’s successful lead generation campaign must be to create clear follow-up guidelines. Who is responsible for contacting potential leads that are generated by the campaign and what message is going to be conveyed? The message must be uniform across all members of your team to ensure your expectations are being upheld and brand loyalty is being generated.

Track Your Results
Analytics are a crucial part of any marketing effort. Monitor the number of leads generated by your campaigns and keep track of how many leads result in new business for your staffing firm. Interview your current and recent clients and ask them to describe their experience with your firm. What did they like about your staffing firm? What are some areas you need to work on? Use this feedback to evaluate your current marketing strategy and adjust future marketing efforts.

Successful Staffing Firm Marketing Strategy Takeaways:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Ensure your candidates and team members are positively representing your staffing firm
  2. Review your website and all marketing campaigns to make sure they are mobile friendly
  3. Utilize social media platforms to market your staffing firm and build brand loyalty
  4. Create a plan to ensure all leads receive prompt follow-up
  5. Track your marketing efforts and make use of analytics programs to help evaluate your efforts

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