Recruiting is an art. It takes patience, drive, and creativity to create a masterpiece (a well-rounded team who not only meets, but exceeds expectations). As a recruiter, there are key guidelines to follow to help you attract and hire top talent for open positions. What are they? We’re glad you asked. This blog shares four staffing firm recruiting tips to entice exceptional candidates. Let’s dive in!

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A Candidate is Your Customer
In every interaction you make with a candidate, you should treat them as if they are a customer. They want to know that you’re excited to get to know them, just as they’re excited to hear about what opportunities you may have for them. Make sure to connect on a human level first, and a professional level second. Be respectful of their time and make yourself a resource. Give them your contact information to use if they have any questions, and make sure to listen to the types of opportunities they’re interested in.

Ask them questions about themselves that don’t only pertain to their professional endeavors. Get to know them as people! What lights them up? What makes them tick? It is essential to create a relationship right off the bat, so they not only feel as though they can trust you, but that you care about them as a person first, and as a placement for a role second. This way, they are much more likely to turn to you to aid in their search.

Utilize an Employee Referral Program
Like attracts like, which means the great people you’ve already found likely have other great people in their circle! If you don’t already have one, creating an enticing employee referral program may gain you some top talent without you even having to lift a finger. Implementing incentives like bonuses also helps drive referrals, to help you continue building a team of rockstars.

Give Your Job Descriptions a Boost
This is an essential staffing firm recruiting tip. A job description is one of, if not the first impression a candidate receives. Make sure it’s a good one! Include a clear, accurate description of the job that is short and to the point. While you want to steer clear of fluffing your job posting, make it eye-catching! The postings that show personality and your culture are sure to outperform a generic resume-like description. List out the core responsibilities, while building excitement about benefits as well. You may think this is obvious and you would be correct except for the fact that over 95% of staffing firm job postings look like no one ever reviewed them before putting them up on the board.
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Check on Previous Candidates
Before you dive into the new candidate search, take a look at candidates you’ve had previous interactions with! Do you have a role that they’d fit nicely in now? It’s always a great idea to maintain these relationships in case you do come up with a role that is their perfect fit. Check in on those resumes and consider these options before making the plunge into new waters.

Did these staffing firm recruiting tips help you create your next plan of action? If you have any questions, we’re glad to help you along the way. For more recruiting insights, check out our other blogs or reach out to us and we’d love to chat!

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