As you know, crafting your staffing firm marketing strategy is not always an easy feat. There are various essential elements that go into creating a successful marketing plan, and the tools and best practices are always changing. So, how do you set yourself up for success? This blog dives into the three marketing mistakes you’re making and how to fix them. Let’s get into it!

staffing firm marketing strategy

Winging it
The first mistake you may be making is just winging your marketing, and not crafting an actual plan. This hinders your success, as you have no direction, no sense of what your audience wants to see/learn more about, and it creates inconsistency, which leads to less trust for your staffing firm. You should create a content calendar for at least three months out that includes items like social media posts, blogs, updates to your website, podcasts, or any other marketing materials that are beneficial to your niche.

Prior to crafting this, do some research to see what your audience is talking about on social media or trending hashtags. You want to make sure you are joining in on the conversation, so your audience learns to lean on you as their go-to source! Additionally, make sure to get as detailed as possible about what you plan to post for ease, and to create a seamless workflow for all involved.

Being Picky
The next thing you want to avoid is being picky on which platforms you market on. In this day in age, your audience is everywhere – this means even the platforms that you don’t personally use. Make sure you are maximizing your reach by utilizing platforms that you may not think are beneficial, like Snapchat, TikTok, or Instagram. Limiting your marketing platforms limits your success – so use your free resources, learn about the platforms you aren’t as familiar with, and start creating content geared towards each platform!

Not Investing
While organic marketing is great, to drive even more results, your staffing firm marketing strategy should include paid advertising. Whether it’s social media ads on Facebook or LinkedIn, Google Search or Display ads, or even Spotify ads, there are a vast number of paid options that are able to take your staffing firm success to the next level. With paid ads, you have the opportunity to choose the exact audience you want to market to so that every dollar is being put towards a viable prospect. What’s better than getting in front of the right people at the right time with the right message? Paid advertising gets you there. staffing firm market research tools

So, what are you waiting for? Cut these mistakes out of your staffing firm marketing strategy and get ready to see your success skyrocket. Need help getting started? Let us know and we’re glad to show you the way! For other marketing tips, check out our other blogs or reach out to us and we’d love to chat!

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