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Recruitment marketing has been a significant point of discussion between industry professionals lately, with the job market in a state of flux. Is it essential to succeed in 2023, and does recruitment marketing provide solutions to the issues faced in 2022?

Employers and job seekers are prioritizing diversity in hiring.

Most job seekers and employees (78%) recognize the importance of diversity when evaluating a potential job. Companies understand that having an equitable and inclusive workplace is no longer a nice-to-have but rather essential to meet modern businesses’ demands.

Employer branding has become an integral part of this process, helping companies get the best talent and create an image for themselves as equal-opportunity employers.

Many HR professionals are worried that their current recruiting software needs to help them meet diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) goals. It is essential to ensure the tools your team uses to recruit are effective in recruitment marketing and aid you in achieving DEI targets.

Strong brand shapes the perception of your staffing firm

Building a positive employer brand is critical for any business to be successful. You must make sure you portray yourself as an organization that values employees and promotes their growth and development. This becomes even more important, so it should be given due attention now.

Companies that prioritize employee welfare and satisfaction are likely to have a much easier time recruiting the best talent by 2023. However, those who pay attention to this critical factor in their recruiting strategies need help attracting top-notch employees in the coming years.

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Teams are using recruitment marketing automation to find and hire top talent quickly.

By 2022, the usual hiring process has seen its time lengthened compared to past years, resulting in many qualified applicants slipping through the cracks due to their short availability on the market.

Marketing automation technology makes the candidate engagement process easier. It tracks the interactions with your online content, providing valuable insights into what messages resonate best with target candidates.

With this information, recruiting teams are able to personalize their messaging according to each candidate’s past interactions. They then reach out to those individuals who best fit their needs and show them what they’d like to see.

Companies must develop a swift and efficient recruitment strategy to obtain top talent, as competition for competent personnel is fierce. Employers need a new approach that helps reduce time-to-hire if they want any chance of winning skilled workers.

Engagement scoring and trackable links make marketing automation an invaluable tool for employers looking to hire. It helps you understand how interested candidates are in your employer brand. Plus, recruiters are notified when a candidate is ready to be hired. Which allows them to know which leads require more attention or need further evaluation.

Remote and hybrid working is more desirable than traditional office work for job seekers.

In 2022, recruiters worldwide figured out ways to expand their business while accommodating more flexible work opportunities. Many human resource departments and executives embraced this new structure to increase their growth potential.

Job hunters are embracing the flexibility of a job as an essential factor when accepting an offer, be it hybrid, remote, or office based. This could mean that not promoting such flexible approaches represents a disadvantage to your employer brand.

By allowing people to work remotely, globalization has been further accelerated. Job seekers are now open to more than their local surroundings. Now employers are losing staff who find better salaries, improved living quality, and increased flexibility abroad.

In 2022, recruiters were focusing more on employee retention through internal mobility. This has allowed them to keep their existing employees and save resources that otherwise is dedicated to recruiting new talent. Hence, many recruiters have shifted their attention from hiring fresh workers to engaging current employees.

Recruiting entry-level talent can help reduce skill shortages.

As the competition to hire workers intensifies, businesses worldwide are adopting measures to fill the gaps created by severe skills shortages.

But how?

Companies of all sizes are now turning to the early careers market to attract and engage a younger generation of talent. They bring bring different ideas, perspectives, and skill sets. By tapping into this diverse pool of young professionals, business leaders understand that it is mutually beneficial for both parties.  It allows them to find the right people with the right skills that fit their organization.

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