July 2020

Market Research

Is Market Research Really Necessary for Your Staffing Firm?

In order to build a thriving staffing firm, you must provide top talent, make timely matches and offer fair pricing for your services. Since you already know this basic formula for success, you might be thinking how is market research going to help? There are many areas where market research has the potential to shed […]

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social media engagement

The Value of Social Media Engagement

You’ve created your editorial calendar, solidified your target audience, written content for posting, and gathered your repurposed articles. Now what? Once you’ve created a solid online presence, you shouldn’t disregard all the work you put into it. How is your target audience engaging with your social media posts? Are they clicking links, liking, and commenting

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tone-deafness in marketing

Avoiding Tone-deafness in Marketing

Something we get asked frequently is how to avoid sounding tone-deaf in marketing efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although it’s very important to avoid tone-deafness during this time, it’s not the only time to avoid this issue. Tone-deafness in marketing has been an ongoing issue for some time and should always be avoided. Being tone-deaf

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